13 Mar 2011

10 Earthquake and Tsunami Safety Tips That You Should Know

After all the devastation we have seen in Japan yesterday, the significance of safety measures regarding earthquakes and Tsunami’s have taken the talks of almost every individual around the globe. Japan was undoubtedly the most prepared nation for such a calamity as it lies right on “The Ring of Fire” belt which is highly vulnerable for earthquakes and Tsunami’s. Strong aftershocks are still rocking Japan, and rescue efforts are underway to save countless lives.

So below i have compiled a list of  some earthquake safety tips that you should know for both indoor and outdoor, if you unfortunately experience an earthquake.

Stay Away from Falling objects

Stay away from glass,windows walls or anything that could fall, such has room lighting , pictures and cabinets. Most of the casualties and injuries occur due to falling objects.

Drop to ground
Drop to ground and take cover under a table or a strong doorway and protect your head and face from any debris until it stops shaking.

Don’t use Elevators
Don’t use elevator after earthquake. Or if you are in elevator during an earthquake, Press all the buttons and exit from next stop.

Don’t turn on Light and Gas
After an earthquake houses can catch fire by gas leaks or short circuiting. So avoid turning any of such thing ON.

Don’t go into damaged area
Debris can cause harm to you. Wait for rescue workers to reach your area for assistance.

Get out of car
Remaining in car is not safe at all as roads can break or buildings can fall. Get out and look for an open space.

Move to Higher Grounds
If you live near sea side move immediately to higher grounds as earthquakes can trigger Tsunami’s. Tsunami’s as also seen in Japan recently don’t come just once, but twice or thrice, so take special care.

Don’t Panic when in subway or underground
Subways and underground locations are safe. So don’t rush and panic.

Leave the Shore immediately after earthquake
Leave sea areas right after an earthquake as Tsunami’s travel really fast to shores

Beware of Landslides
You have to be careful of landslides after an earthquake. If the slope looks different than usual, or if sands and stones keep falling down, run away immediately.



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