11 Mar 2011

Top 10 Ways Of Stress Management

It is agreeable that stress has become part and parcel of the everyday life of the modern man and woman as a result of career issues, family, financial constraints, physical disabilities, divorce, sitting in traffic while getting to work, organizing a presentation, death and deadline issues amongst others. However, we do have an option to how we respond to stress. In as much as our lives is filled with one issues to another that never seems to come to a halt, how we act in response will greatly determine how we manage stress.

Recent research shows that when stress is prolonged, it can an overall effect on our body, for example, we may start having problems with some of our major organs, i.e. the heart, suffer high blood pressure, suppress the immune system thus leading to certain diseases. As such, the article aims at educating you on different ways you can relax your body so as to have more control in managing stress.

Discussed herein are top ten ways of stress management.

1. Be happy
Be happy: Not so many people appreciate the power of happiness. Each time you smile, there are muscles of your body that relaxes. Engage in fun activities which you love that can make you smile despite your circumstances.

2. Workout
Workout routines such as jogging, swimming and boxing are crucial aspects of intensive stress management. Not only will you be able to release some of those pent up steam, you will also be improving your health status. Engage in a workout routine on a daily basis. If you find exercising alone is difficult, ask a close friend or colleague or family member to join you.

3. Meditation
Meditation is an ancient activity that has been passed on to the present generation. Unknown to a majority of people is that by meditating, they recharge themselves via inner positive energy. This helps relaxes your nerves. There are different meditation exercises such as Tai Chi and Yoga. These are practiced by several people worldwide and have been proven to enhance ones health.

4. Control your breathing
One of the ways through which you can manage stress is breathing using the diaphragm. This type of breathing is known to trigger the relaxation points in the brain and you can sense the change in a matter of minutes. Exercise slow but deep breathing in a relaxed atmosphere. Breathe in while counting inwardly to four, hold the breath for a couple of seconds then breathe out slowly while inwardly counting to eight. This can be repeated several times until you are sure that you feel relaxed.

5. Talk to someone
When you talk to someone close to you, you are releasing some of those pent up emotions. Choose someone who can listen to you without passing his or her own judgment on the issue.

6. Take up Yoga
Yoga implements both meditation and physical exercise thus making certain that the body is functioning optimally. The benefit that yoga has is that it empowers you to manage triggers to stressors.

7. Progressive relaxation
This entails inner muscle relaxation methodologies which aid one to identify tension and places that it stays in your body. The basic steps are to contract the muscles by force for a couple of seconds and release them.

8. Time management
One of the major triggers of stress in the present age is time. Most have a sense of having so much on their shoulders but less time to complete the tasks assigned to them. In such instances, the first thing you need to do is to prioritize tasks according to need, where possible delegate some of the tasks. Procrastination only makes thing work as the pile keeps on increasing.

9. Dietary Recommendations

The following dietary recommendations are key in managing stress:
Minimize intake of coffee.
Minimize alcohol intake.
Avoid taking refined sugar.
Eat balanced diet.

10. Take action
It is recommended that when under stress take steps that will ensure that it does not lead to depression. This might entail seeking professional help. There are qualified medical personnel you can consult in such instances to help you with managing stress. Technological development in internet technology has also made it possible to seek free help from numerous online motivational and stress management site. No matter how small the step might seem, it could be a mile stone in eliminating stress.


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