13 Feb 2011

10 Creative and Unique Coffee Tables

Whether you prefer function over style or vice versa, there is a coffee table out there is an out-of-the-box coffee table design out there ready to take replace the old, boring one lying in the center of your living room. The following tables are some of the most creative and unique cocktail tables on the market or heading towards production.

Touch-sensitive Coffee Table

An array of infra-red sensors lying under the surface of this coffee table allow it to sense when objects are on or near the surface and trigger corresponding LEDs in an LED array. The LED array can be powered off when required.

Aqua Square Aquarium Coffee Table
The Aqua Square coffee table “combines function with innovation”, adding a 25 gallon aquarium to your otherwise boring coffee table space.

Sony Fusion Coffee Table

This sleek coffee table concept does more than just sit in your living room. At the touch of a button, it parts to reveal a snazzy Sony laptop with a glowing, touch-sensitive keyboard.

Sancal Elipse Coffee Table

Designed by Rafa Garcia of the Spanish furniture design company Sancal, this stylish coffee table comprises a fiberboard top and bottom held together by a enamel-coated steel in such a way that the top gives the illusion of being suspended in mid-air.

Rocks Table

A perfect choice for fans of rock music, this snazzy guitar-shaped coffee table is one of many rock-themed furniture and room accessories by Rocket.

Spiral Coffee Table
The attractive spiraling glass surface of this unusual coffee table makes it easy on the eyes.

Fiocco Glass Coffee Table
Combining function and style with a sheet of curved Italian glass, the Fiocco glass coffee table is an excellent choice for any living room. The bends in the glass serve as magazine holders.

Tonelli Dekon 2 Coffee Table
Designed by Karim Rashid and manufactured by Tonelli, this stylish glass coffee table is made from sheets of tempered glass welded together by a special process at various angles to make it look like a jewel.

Globe Glass Coffee Table
Simple yet unique, Cattelan Italia’s Globe Glass coffee table comprises a glass top with rounded edges and a spherical steel base.

Kat Designer Glass Coffee Table


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