13 Feb 2011

Plates And Cups Are Alive!

Talk about major creepiness – Israeli artist Ronit Baranga is gaining a name for herself by creating some truly bizarre tableware (such as plates and cups with fingers and mouths).  While this disturbing dinnerware may cause some people to lose their appetites, the artist herself says that she wants people to feel something when we see her art work. She doesn’t care what we feel, just that we feel anything.

Baranga has given her cups fingers so that they can decide for themselves what they will do, whether it be presenting a tasty bowl of soup or fleeing from a hot, steaming ladle.  It is not only strange cups and plates she is creating. Another piece of her work is a vase that looks hungry for water.  She asserts that this demonstrates the relationship between the vase and the flowers it will hold.  While her work is definitely different, it is certainly unique and beautifully artistic. Yet another example of Baranga’s unusual art is this magazine face collage art project. This dinnerware is only for the daring.


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